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Family, Friends, and Supporters:


Hello & Happy New Year! It feels like forever since we have sent correspondence to you, and even longer since we have seen you all face to face. Although we’ve been out of sight, rest assured that we continue working behind the scenes to assist families in need.  Your generosity over the years has been critical to help so many children, helping more than 90 families, across 20 states, and awarding grants in excess of $300,000.


The Laila Rose Foundation was established in 2006. Our mission has been to provide financial assistance to families with medical needs.  Our board members and volunteers have worked countless hours to ensure that your donations are distributed to deserving families.  


As time has gone by, however, we realize that our small group of “worker bees” cannot keep up with the ever growing demand of our applications. It is so rewarding to receive an application, perform our rigorous review and due diligence in verifying these applications, grant money to the appropriate medical organization, and contact the families to give the good news! The current problem we face is that we cannot keep up with the influx of applications.  This has forced us to have some heartfelt conversations amongst us as to the best way to proceed.  How do we keep the Laila Rose Foundation going to help as many families as possible, without sacrificing administrative time constraints along the way?



In our talks, research, and outreach, we found The Northern Piedmont Community Foundation (NPCF). This foundation began in December 2000 when nine concerned citizens from Virginia’s Piedmont region were searching for solutions to the charitable needs in Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, and Rappahannock counties (these are all local counties to our area). With modest beginnings, the funds have grown to over $37M in support of local charities, scholarships and community need in our northern Piedmont region. NPCF manages a wide variety of funds established by local individuals, families, businesses, or charitable institutions. Through their investment strategies, the returns from these funds are put back into the community through grant cycles, and scholarships, along with the personal causes that are dear to the fund holder. 


We have established a formal partnership between the Laila Rose Foundation and Northern Piedmont Community Foundation that will:

·      Enable us to continue as a foundation with our 501C-3 non-profit status in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service.

·      Provide our board members and volunteers some much needed relief with administrative duties.

·      Support our desire to help families closer to our home community in which Lisa and Laila lived.  Since our inception, we’ve been blessed to help families across the country.  Moving forward, our mission will be to help families in Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, and Rappahannock counties of Virginia.



We will continue to work diligently in raising awareness, as well as keep our supporters updated on our progress.  There is a huge need in our community, and we look forward to helping our local community where the need is greatest.  We will continue to fundraise with clear instructions on how to donate. Contributions can continue to be made by visiting our website, by check, cash, or visiting the NPCF website.  


We thank each and every one of our supporters, contributors, volunteers, and the families we have helped.  We are beyond blessed that the Laila Rose Foundation has not only thrived for the last 17 years, but will continue to make an impact in our community for years to come.


All the best, 

The Laila Rose Foundation Board

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