Child Update: What's New With Izaac?

Here is an update on one of our children, Izaac Hill. The following is a note from his mother.

Dear Laila Rose Foundation,

We are writing to give you an update on Izaac. Izaac was diagnosed with Pre B Cell ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) in April 2011. He underwent chemotherapy for 26 months (which consisted of lots of harsh medications and 32 spinal taps) and we are happy to say he is now in remission.

Izaac has been in remission since June of this year when his treatment ended. He now goes for monthly checkups just to make sure. Over time these visits will become less and less. November is approaching fast, and he is looking forward to having his medi port (this is used for intravenous medication and blood draws) removed.

Izaac started this battle with his head high and full of life and he has definitely finished that way. Izaac is now 14 yrs. old and in his last year of middle school. He is looking forward to getting back into sports and playing football next year. So happy to say he is back to himself.

We have definitely been blessed and are so thankful for all the prayers and kindness our community has shown our family. Please continue to keep him and all the others in your thoughts and prayers. Childhood Cancer Awareness month is in September (spread the word, awareness is the key). These kids endure so much; they are amazing and to show so much strength while keeping a smile on their faces.

Thank you, Lalia Rose Foundation for all the Love and Support. We will always be grateful for all that you do for families in need.

Izaac's family

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